Thursday, April 29, 2010

9 Simple Exercises to Change Your Life or Any Area of It!

9 Simple Exercises You Can Do: To Guarantee to Increase Your Income or Attract Money while you Become Happier & Healthier and Improve Every Area of Your Life by C.J. Savage for the full version to listen to, go to 1/21/2010 segment on     Here is the short version of the list only: 1 Wear a Rubber Band On Your Wrist to Break the Bad Habit of Negative Thinking. 2 Affirmations. Think/Speak What You DO WANT REPEATEDLY 3FORGIVE Everyone and Everything that Has EVER Caused You Any Harm or Pain NO MATTER WHAT ! 4 Being Thankful, Grateful everyday for even the smallest blessings is a Must! 5 MEDITATE EVERYDAY for at least 15 minutes 6 Goal setting Make a list of your most important goals in writing. 7 Use a Blank Check Register and a Spare Book of Checks To Start Making Your Deposits and Spend the Money! 8 Command Your Money To Come. Write Down How Much Money You Want By When. 9 Make a vision board with pictures of what you want to manifest. First of all, you do not have to have abundance to attract abundance but you do have to