Friday, February 20, 2009

Optimizing Your Day

To get the most out of your day, start with taking very good care of your first hour of the day. It's the most important because your first hour pretty much determines how the rest of your day is going to go. Upon awakening, start with bringing a bright white beam of light from the infinite sky down into your head and filling you up until it is overflowing giving you a spiritual cleansing, giving you an aura of protection and harmony. It only takes 20 seconds or so. Make a mental list of what you are grateful for, your family, friends, good health, home, financial blessings, spiritual relationships, peace and harmony in your life and all the little things, your car, phone, computer, etc. Counting your blessings and FEELING Grateful, and say 'thank you God' is a perfect way to start. Then decide to be
happy and Feel happy. If you're not feeling good, happy, grateful like you should, then get in front of the mirror and have a good talk to yourself. Say some affirmations (they are most powerful in front of the mirror), like "Everyday in every way, I'm getting better and better" "Everyday in every way, I'm FEELING better and better, happier and happier, stronger and stronger, healthier and healthier !" Say it like you mean it. Repeat it over and over until you FEEL IT If you don't feel it, say it louder and louder and tell yourself as if you do mean it until you FEEL it and 'Voila', you will shake off that sad sulky feeling. You will actually feel better and smile! Smile and the whole world will smile back. You will radiate with positive energy and attract those with positive energy to you. Or you can go around with a frown on your face and create and send out negative energy and you will attract those with negative energy to you. All the good positive people will repel away from you. We are all living human magnets. Like attracts like. What do you want to attract to you today? O.K, you start your day with a cleansing on your soul with the white light, count your blessings, being and feeling grateful, then some affirmations in front of the mirror to give yourself a little pep talk, as well as manifesting while lifting your spirits. Now some prayers as you get going here. Pray for those you love, yourself and any situation that needs attention. (if you don't know how or what to pray for, watch for some of my favorite prayers in this blog). Remember this, your every word is a prayer. When you realize this, know this: Watch Your Thoughts, They Become Your Words. Watch Your Words, They Become Your Actions. Watch Your Actions, They Become Your Habits. Watch Your Habits, They Become Your Character. Watch Your Character, FOR IT BECOMES YOUR DESTINY Your prayers are very important. Also, if you need help with something, give your angels some instructions. Everyone has angels and they are just waiting for directions. They act upon your word, thoughts and actions. Make it clear just what you want them to do. Angels like to be acknowledged and appreciated. I some times send my angels to help someone ( it may be someone having a very bad day or time in their life) I'll send my angels to give that person some extra help in providing what they neeed or to lift their spirits. They'll never let you down. Angels are all around all the time. If you can actually imagine that and really believe it, you come to realize more and more how real they really are. Angels are powerful and can do about anything. Now, if you are wondering, but why don't you just pray to God. Well I do pray to God, and when I do, the angels may act upon my prayers but I also talk to my angels and mostly give them simple tasks to take care of. Sometimes when I misplace something or lose it, I ask my angels to show me where it is or I'll ask them to bring it back to me. I kid you not, sometimes when I lose something and look and look for it, I run out of places to look so I give up and just ask them to just bring it back and I'll say how grateful I will be when they do. I let it go and don't worry anymore about it. Suddenly, there it is in plain site !! I have to laugh in amazement just how wonderful my loving beautiful angels are in helping me. I see it and say "There it is, thank you for bringing that back to me". I know I looked there and it clearly was not there before. Now, is your day going better than usual? Did you get enough affirmations in to really raise your spirits and energy level? Can you feel the comfort and security of knowing and having your angels all around you, helping you out througout the day? Are you talking to them because they do hear you. You don't have to speak outloud for them to hear you, they hear your thoughts so if you are around other people and you don't want other people to hear you talking to your angels, send your thoughts. Anyway, if you do talk out loud in public to your angels, it's only a matter of time before somebody will want to send you to the funny farm and lock you up. A lot of people will not understand this. I was friends with Greta Alexander and you will see or hear me make comments quite often about something I learned from Greta. She was a professional parapsychic. She was very spiritual and so close to God. I learned so much from her about life. I will write a column of about Greta Alexander to keep her live in those memories that knew her. She had a very special gift of finding the missing children. She had the true gift of prophecy and was an earth angel to many. She knew how to live and tried to teach others. She said so many many times. We are here to love one another. This brings up another issue of optimizing your day. Do you really want to live right? Do you want to be good to be good to yourself? Do you really want to be happy? Do you hold any grudges against anyone? Hate anybody? Wish bad things for someone? If you do, you are in trouble. You see, you really can't hate anyone. Hate, anger, jealousy, ill will, etc are all negative emotions that you feel, think and do. It's like drinking poison and hoping the other person is going to get sick. It doesn't work like that at all. Those negative emotions are only within you and it is like you are drinking the poison and believe me, you are the one getting sick! You can't be truly happy or live the life you really want when you hold those negative emotions because this is a very strong negative energy that permeates the universe and attracts more negative energy that comes back to you and well you can figure out the rest. Your every thought effects every cell of your body. Think good thoughts because it is those negative thoughts that is causing your health problems. All energy circulates in a circular motion. Negative energy moves even faster than positive energy. So when you think or feel these negative thoughts or feelings, it will come back to you. The old adage is what goes around, comes around. Do you really want that coming back to you? Have a grudge? End it. Call that person up and tell them you are sorry,"lets bury the hatchet" or send a card. If this is too much for you to handle, send loving thoughts. Greta used to say, anger + hate= cancer, when you hold on to those feelings long enough. Be good to your self and let yourself heal by letting go of any negative emotions you have for anything or anybody. I will write how to release all that negative energy from your body, sould and mind. Watch for it. In the meantime, live each day as if it is the most important day, expecting something really good to happen and helping somebody else make their day a little better. Open the door for an elderly person, give someone a nice compliment or just smile and make someone feel better that looks so sad.

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